Where he will end up remains one of the hottest debates on social media.

The frontrunner appears to be Jacksonville.

They’re out of the division (which means Philly would be comfortable making them a trade partner) and the new Jags OC John DeFilippo was Foles’ QB coach in 2017.

From a fantasy perspective, the Giants would be an ideal fit, given their stable of sure-handed receivers and offensive weapons, but an intra-division trade feels far-fetched.

That same thinking would hold true for Washington. Plus, the Redskins don’t have enough cash to make this deal happen.

As for Miami, if the organic tanking rumors are true then it’s a fine spot, but I certainly wouldn’t want to invest in a team that’s punting on the season.

Undoubtedly, Foles knows how to catch lightning in a bottle. But in order to be fantasy relevant, he’ll need a receiver who isn’t afraid to reach for the sky. We’ll see if the fake football gods grant him the necessary star skimmers.