By Peter Gleason

No matter who Jeff Lurie and Howie Boy Roseman hire to coach the Eagles:

The status of All-World left tackle Jason Peters needs to be settled quickly.

Peters made it clear the day after the Giants’ game to end the season that he wants to be back, that he still wants to play tackle, and that he feels he’s the team’s best linemen.

He’ll be 34 years old the end of this month; his body broke down countless times during the 2015 season; and his salary is $7.5 million for next year.

So what are the Eagles going to do with Peters? Here are their options, according to NJ.com’s Mark Eckel:

Release Him: That would indicate the team is in rebuilding mode, which they probably should be, and you don’t rebuild with expensive 34-year-old linemen. The team would save $7.5 million of real money and $4.5 million off the salary cap.

Trade Him: Not many teams are going to give you much for a 34-year-old lineman coming off an injury-plagued season. But it only takes one; and that one could be the Indianapolis Colts. General manager Ryan Griggson never met an old Eagle he didn’t love. What could you get? Again, not a lot. But maybe the Colts would give up a second-round pick for Peters and a fourth.

Move Him to Guard: If the team is trying to contend, this could be the move. Draft a tackle in the first round, which they should do no matter what they decide with Peters, and move Peters inside where the team needs help. Problem with this is Peters could be very reluctant to the move; and $7.5 million for a 34-year-old guard is even worse.

Leave Him Alone: The easy solution is hope 2015 was just an injury-plagued season and he’ll be healthy in 2016 and ready to become the best left tackle in the game again. That might also be a little on the optimistic side.

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