By Mary Cunningham

The question is:

When will Mark Sanchez turn into a pumpkin?

Or did last Sunday’s miserable performance in the Eagles’ 53-20 drubbing by the Packers start the pumpkinization process?

One day after Nick Foles was seen warming up and throwing with the practice squad on the field in Green Bay prior to Sunday’s 53-20 Packers victory, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly announced that the quarterback has been cleared to resume working out.

“He can work out now, but it comes down to ‘does the bone heal,'” Kelly said. “That’s the biggest question. He’ll get a re-check at some point in time. They said it’s usually three or four weeks before he takes another X-ray. He has not had that done yet.

“Until they get an X-Ray done, he’ll continue to work out. Try to stay in shape. He did some running at the hotel in the fitness center early in the morning. He’ll continue to do those things to make sure when he does get cleared that the bone is healed, it isn’t ‘Oh, now we have to take a couple weeks to get in shape.'”

Asked if that three-to-four-week timetable is a realistic estimate for how many more weeks Foles will be sidelined, Kelly only said that the third-year quarterback is officially out for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

“He’s been cleared to workout,” Kelly clarified. “But it isn’t anything in terms of contact.”

With six regular season games remaining, given the timeline outlined by Kelly on Monday, should Foles’ X-Rays show that the clavicle healed in three weeks, a return for the third-year quarterback could be possible as early as December 7 against the Seattle Seahawks.

If the Eagles do intend to give Foles his starting job back, a return against the Seahawks would still leave four games for him to get back up to game speed before a possible playoff run.

Foles elected not to have surgery when he suffered the injury two weeks ago against the Houston Texans thus leaving the door open to a return this season.

Whether or not the clavicle bone has healed by the time Foles’ follow up X-Ray takes place appears to be the lone hurdle standing between him and a return to action this season. When that follow up occurs thought remains to be seen.


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