By Sarah Berkowitz

Here we are 13 days after NFL free agency opened, and already there is buyers’ remorse.

Well, at least potential remorse as projected by ESPN, which has rated the 10 most overpaid free agents:

2. Byron Maxwell, CB, Eagles

Maxwell signed a deal with $25 million fully guaranteed at signing even though he has played more than 13 games in a regular season just once since entering the league as a sixth-round pick in 2011. Teammate Richard Sherman has a higher annual average, but his deal carried $12.4 million fully guaranteed (Sherman had time remaining on his deal, whereas Maxwell benefited from a wild cornerback market). How will Maxwell fare in a defense without the cast of playmakers he lined up with in Seattle?

6. DeMarco Murray, RB, Eagles (photo above)

In Dallas, Murray essentially had one highly productive season running behind arguably the NFL’s best offensive line. He missed 11 games over the previous three seasons. Murray gets a $5 million signing bonus and another $13 million in fully guaranteed salary stretching into the third year of the deal.

7. LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo Bills

McCoy’s production fell off in Philly last season as the Eagles’ offensive line suffered injuries. His line won’t be as good in Buffalo, and McCoy is nearing that age when running backs often begin to slip. That did not stop the Bills from giving him a deal with $15.75 guaranteed at signing and $2.625 million in annual proration.

8. Jeremy Maclin, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Maclin’s highly productive 2014 season with Philly following a year-long recovery from a torn ACL helped him command a $12 million signing bonus with more than $10 million in fully guaranteed salaries over the first two years of the deal. Of course, coach Andy Reid’s familiarity with Maclin was worth something to Kansas City. The Chiefs know exactly what they’re getting, and as one salary-cap manager put it, “If you really want Maclin, you will give him that money to sign. That is life.” Reid’s presence makes adding Maclin a bit like keeping one of his own players, which is usually the goal for teams.

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