By Ben Sullivan

So, the Green Bay Packers gave receiver Randall Cobb $10 million a year for four years rather than risk losing him to free agency.

The only NFLer who is possibly happier than Cobb about this news is the Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin, who will be a free agent in 48 hours and has not signed a deal with the Birds.

Cobb reportedly was looking for $9 million per year, and what he actually got will go a long way toward determining what Maclin and other top receivers will make in a market that could be undermined by a glut of veterans and the new promise of rookies contributing at the position right away.

Cobb reportedly will be paid $17 million guaranteed by the Packers. It’s not yet known how much of it is fully guaranteed at signing, or how the $40 million is distributed over the next four seasons.

The details could reveal a contract that, as a practical matter, lasts only one or two years. Whatever the specifics, the full guarantee at signing and the overall structure will shed plenty of light on what other veterans can expect to be paid — and on whether it’s anywhere close to the $10 million per year it’s being sold as.

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