“It [stinks]’’ Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson told the Inky yesterday. “It [stinks] for a lot of players. Look at [Green Bay Packers offensive tackle] David Bakhtiari. He’s been good for a lot of years and has never been voted to the Pro Bowl. He’s been [robbed]. Every year I see a lot of guys who deserve to be there who don’t get invited. It [stinks].’’

By Harry Allison

Lane Johnson is pissed off that he didn’t make the Pro Bowl as his teammates Zach Ertz, Brandon Brooks and Fletch Cox did.

Does Johnson believe he played well enough to make it?

“I don’t know what I deserve,’’ he said. “It is what it is. That’s the way it is every year. What can you do?

“Look at [Kansas City Chiefs defensive end] Chris Jones. He’s second in the league in sacks with 14. He’s an alternate. I see something wrong with that. [Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver] Mike Evans is second in the league [in receiving yards] and didn’t make it. I see something wrong with that.

“Whenever somebody’s talking about a guy’s season and they say he didn’t have a Pro Bowl year, it must mean he had a good year. Because I look at guys like Bakhtiari who are really good but never were voted to the Pro Bowl.

“So I look at myself and say, there are a lot of [other] guys getting screwed royally every year.’’

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