By Sam Bush

Here’s a Christmas gift for Eagles fans:

Lane Johnson says he’s sorry for being being such an idiot and ruining what could have been a good season for the Birds!

Johnson expressed regret for both his 10-game PED suspension and the way the Eagles fell apart in his absence, going from 29 points per game and a 3-1 record to 20 points per game and a 2-8 record without him.

“It weighs on my mind all the time,” Johnson said. “I feel like a lot of things could have happened differently with the season. I’m not saying one player could do that much but I feel like I could have helped the team in a lot of different ways.”

The Eagles are going to plug him right back into the starting lineup tomorrow night against the Giants, largely because they don’t have much choice. And he said he hopes to use the chance to come back to begin proving himself again after a pair of PED suspensions.“I feel like I let the team down,” Johnson said. “I feel like we had momentum when I left. I felt like we should be 4-0 after that game, after the Detroit game. It just sucks the way it is.

He also said he will no longer take any supplements, since the batch that got him suspended included a banned peptide, which he didn’t realize at the time.“You don’t necessarily need it,” he said. “You can get everything you need from food.”

“You don’t necessarily need it,” he said. “You can get everything you need from food.

“People accused me of steroid use coming out of college. Whatever. I’m bigger than I’ve ever been. I’m 320, 320-plus. I’m fine where I’m at.”

If he’s not, the Eagles can get out of a massive financial obligation, since the guarantees in his deal (which runs through 2021) are going with the suspension. So if he doesn’t continue to play well, he knows he’ll be gone for a different reason.

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