By Jack Ryan

When Eagles Supreme Leader told a presser on Wednesday that the Birds had been offered a No. 1 draft pick in 2015 for new QB Sam Bradford, the smart set in the media (at least they think they’re smart) scoffed and all but called Kelly a liar.

Now Rams coach Jeff Fisher (left in photo above with new QB Nick Foles) says the Eagles weren’t the only team that approached him about acquiring Bradford in a trade. The Eagles were just the only team that offered a quarterback the Rams thought could be their starter.

Fisher said today on PFT Live that the Rams had previously been offered a late first-round draft pick for Bradford and turned that down, because until recently the Rams were planning on keeping Bradford in St. Louis.

“There were some discussions, yes, but from our standpoint, the first-round pick — obviously it’s attractive, but you still don’t have a quarterback. It’s a late pick and then would we move up and get into position to draft one? It didn’t make sense to us,” Fisher said.

The Rams only changed course on their willingness to trade Bradford when the Eagles called and offered Nick Foles.

“We’ve moved on, we’ve got Nick here, and we’re really happy about it,” Fisher said.

Right now, both Fisher and Chip Kelly are happy with their new quarterbacks. It remains to be seen whether both men are happy with those trades at this time next year.

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