By Annie Ross

Jason Kelce is a first-rate center for the Eagles and he is also a man of strong opinions who isn’t afraid to express them.

Even about Raven Ray Rice and how Kelce sees the NFL’s mishanding of the situation.

“They [NFL] haven’t given like a concrete explanation as to what they’re doing.” Kelce told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday. “I mean, the whole thing has been just really mishandled. And then, now all the sudden with tape coming out—I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that an organization with billions of dollars and this tape is running out there through law enforcement and through media outlets that they somehow couldn’t get their hands on the tape. They’re saying that they couldn’t get the tape, I don’t know if I believe that. They made a mistake by only suspending him [Rice] for two games.”

Kelce explained that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL should have been honest about being too lenient on their original two-game suspension to Rice.

“If they would have just came out and said, ‘You know what we had a wrong—we made a wrong decision. We should have suspended him for longer. This is something that we mishandled,’” Kelce explained. “I would have had a lot more respect for the NFL than what they’re doing now, which seems like they are just backtracking and trying to save face in front of the fans and it’s clear as day, I think to me, they’re lying and misleading people.”

Is Goodell not a popular commissioner among the players?

“I don’t think—Goodell sides with owners on pretty much every issue,” Kelce admitted. “So it’s hard to be popular with the players when you do stuff like that, but I don’t know—I mean, that’s his job.”

The Eagles are at the Colts on Monday night, and they’ll be without their Pro Bowl left-guard and close friend of Kelce’s Evan Mathis (sprained MCL), for several weeks.

“Evan’s obviously a great player,” Kelce said. “I’m very comfortable working with him because ever since I’ve been in Philly that’s the only guy I’ve played with as the left-guard. So, he’s a tremendous athlete, he’s a very smart—hopefully we won’t miss too much, but he’s a great player to not have in the game. Having said that though, we have a couple guys—Dennis Kelly and a new guy we just picked up, Wade Smith—who really look like they are gonna be able to get in there and get the job done if need be.”



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