By Jerry Wein

Eagles All Pro right tackle Lane Johnson is back from his COVID-19 quarantine scare, and he’s talked like a champ yesterday on Zoom:

“I was lonely. I had to sit at the house and I was forced to watch Netflix,” Johnson said.

“I felt like I was catching a fever. I didn’t have a fever; I just had body aches for a couple days, then really, after that, I was fine. I got bored at the house, man. I got really bored. Glad to be back in the building the last couple of days.”

Johnson attended the Masterminds Offensive Line Summit he had hosted in July at a hotel in Frisco, Texas, and he Johnson said yesterday that he tested negative during the summit and several times thereafter, and he indicated he does not know how he contracted the coronavirus.

“I tested negative there … got tested multiple times [afterward], got tested when I came back [to Philadelphia]. Felt really good, man,” Johnson said. “But if I had to blame somebody, I’m going to put it on Nate Gerry. I was doing fine until he showed up and came to work out with me. He gets 100% of the blame.”

“The first couple days I didn’t feel so good, but after that, I felt OK,” Johnson said. He still participated in meetings, held virtually, but was not allowed into the NovaCare complex.

“People in here in the building doing stuff, walkthroughs and all that, and I’m sitting there at the house just kind of feeling stranded, but I got through that,” Johnson said. “I got tired of sitting at the damn house. It feels good to be back.”

He added that while training camp normally is drudgery for veterans, this year of the pandemic has changed perspectives. “We’re just happy to be around each other and enjoy that right now,” Johnson said.

“I can see him [Brandon Brooks] coming in later in the year. As far as his recovery’s going, I know he’s ahead of schedule,” Johnson said. “He’s looking good. I think he’s changed his diet up to try to optimize that recovery.”

Johnson will line up next to nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters, brought back to play right guard at age 38 after Brooks went down. Johnson said Peters’ biggest challenge in adjusting is “just getting reps in,” given the abbreviated offseason and lack of preseason games. The team’s first padded practice is scheduled for Monday morning.

“We’re going to have live scrimmages, lots of full contact, to simulate the preseason that’s not there. We’re trying to make up for lost time right now,” Johnson said. “The rookies are learning a lot of stuff on the fly.”

The Eagles list Johnson at 6-6, 317. He is a former quarterback who has struggled to keep weight on and has been suspended twice by the league for taking unauthorized substances, though Johnson has said those were honest mistakes.

“I’m the heaviest I’ve been. I’m running around 330, a little bit above,” Johnson said. “We had a lot of time on our hands to work out.”

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