By Michael Bennett

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was peppered with questions yesterday about the reports that he is angling for head coach Doug Pederson’s job:

“I’ll say this, and I’ll say this unequivocally; I am very comfortable with my relationship with Doug Pederson. I know he’s comfortable in his relationship with me. What I do here is, I work extremely hard to execute the defense the way that he has outlined it for me. Okay? I’m very comfortable with that. Not everybody is privy to those instructions.

“If anybody misunderstands or misinterprets any actions, just know this; coach Pederson is aware of everything that I do in this building and outside of the building.”

Schwartz’s comments are in response to a Inky report from that there is a feeling within the team that the defensive coordinator and former head coach of the Detroit Lions is waiting for an opportunity to usurp Pederson as head coach:

At the very least, the optics aren’t favorable. One Eagles staffer said the only coach who probably doesn’t think Schwartz is trying to undercut Pederson is Pederson. Three players, who requested anonymity, said that it has become well-known in the locker room that Schwartz is waiting to usurp power.

“He walks around the building like he thinks he’s the head coach,” one player said.

“This just happened about a half hour ago,” Schwartz said. “Coach Pederson has a rule in the cafeteria that you can’t wear tank tops or no sleeves. He wasn’t in the cafeteria when I was. There was an offensive player that had no sleeves on, so I tapped him and said ‘You got to get out. You’ve got to get sleeves on.’

“I know that when I was head coach, I wanted people around the building that were enforcing my rules. I did that for him. I respect that position. I’m going to execute the job the way that I outlined it for me. I think anything else, we can’t really worry about.”

“I just know the way that Doug outlined the job for me,” Schwartz said. “It had nothing to do with having my personality. He embraced that. Look, I can be brash. Check. I can be in your face. Check. It’s the only way I know to coach defense. As long as coach Pederson is fine with it, I’m going to continue that. He is.”

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