By Harry Allison

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins wasn’t surprised by the NFL owners’ disinterest in meeting yesterday in Philly to discuss social justice initiatives has been canceled.

“The league didn’t accept our invitation. At this point, the ball is in their court,” Jenkins told the Associated Press. “We’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing. Guys are working around the league.”

League spokesman Brian McCarthy said: “Nothing is set, but the league is eager to continue the dialogue with the players.”

The league and players met last week in New York to discuss player demonstrations during the national anthem and other issues.

“They want to get back to football; we want to move past anthem demonstrations,” Jenkins said. “But to do that, we need to be able to replace the platform that we have.”

Jenkins wants a venue outside the stadium and not during the anthem for athletes to raise awareness of social issues.

“We don’t really enjoy doing this,” Jenkins said. “We’d love to have a different platform and we think that’s something we could work collaboratively with the NFL to create, to actually draw awareness to the issues we’re doing, to use the NFL as a vehicle to make real change.”

Colin Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the national anthem before the 2016 season and currently is out of the NFL, did not attend the meeting last week.

Jenkins declined to address a report Sunday on that said Kaepernick had been iced out of discussions between owners and players. Jenkins and other players had said Kaepernick was invited.