By Sam Bush

As most of you know, the Eagles beat the Chicago Bears to a pulp 31-3 last Sunday, and the only discouraging word came from the bobos on Eagles Post-Game Live, who seemed to manufacture a controversy:

After the game, Eagles running back Jay Ajayi didn’t seem very happy while being interviewed by reporters in the locker room:

On why opposing defenses have difficulty preparing for the Eagles’ offensive attack:

“We’re very balanced. We can do a lot of different things, so it keeps them on their toes.”

On whether he has a more versatile role in the offense compared to previous seasons:

“My role is to run the plays that the coaches call [and] that’s what I’ve been doing.”

On the environment within the Eagles’ locker room:

“[It’s] exciting, we’re on a roll right now. Everyone’s excited with what we’re doing and trying to stay focused on the goals.”

On his current workload:

“I just run the plays that the coaches call. I’m happy we’re winning.”

Ajayi was called out by Hall of Fame sportswriter Ray Didinger on the NBC Sports Philadelphia postgame show.

MICHAEL BARKANN: Ray, is this going to be an issue? Say ‘no.’

RAY DIDINGER: It better not be. I agree with these guys [Barrett Brooks and Seth Joyner]. I mean, he’s obviously miffed with this. And I don’t know if it’s the questioning about the fact that he’s getting out in the open and getting run down from behind, he probably doesn’t like hearing that. But if he’s got an issue with the touches, hey chief, this team was winning before you got here. And it’s nice to have you here. We’re glad to have you in the clubhouse. You’re a nice addition. But, you know, we were doing pretty good before you got to town. And so I would say, just shut up and tote the ball.

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