By Jerry Wein

In case you missed it, here’s Eagles GM Howie Roseman’s word salad response when he was asked yesterday at the Combine about extending QB Jalen Hurts’ rokkie deal:

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about contract situations with anyone. I think you know that. At the same time, tremendous respect for him as a player, as a person. Tremendous respect for the people that work with him to do this, and you go through it in a way that you want to find a win-win solution.

You want to find something that he feels really good about, and at the same time that we feel good about and surround him with good players. He knows that. He’s a smart guy. He understands that. That doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a tremendous contract for him because he deserves that, too.”

Roseman was asked about the 2023 QB prospects, to which he was very complimentary, but also said that he hopes they all get picked high because the Eagles aren’t in the market for one:

“I think the reasons we drafted Jalen [Hurts] are he’s an elite competitor, he is an elite worker, and he has elite talent. I think sometimes we use words like ‘worker’ and ‘competitive nature’ that kind of frame it in a way that the guy is not extremely talented. Jalen is an elite talent.

“He has elite arm strength. Anything you tell him to do, you saw his completion percentage, his accuracy jump. At the end of the day, he has a special talent, and you combine that with a special football mind and special work ethic, and it gives him a chance to be a special player.”

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