By Max Harper

Keyshawn Johnson loves Jalen Hurts.

What a relief!

The former New York Jets wide receiver pledged his undying affection for the Eagles quarterback on ESPN’s “Keyshawn, JWill and & Max.”:

“This dude can play football. …

“The Eagles situation is such that they have three first-round picks in next year’s draft. With those three first-round picks, you get people and build around the kid. Because if I’m not getting Aaron Rodgers, if I’m not getting Deshaun Watson, there ain’t nothing to talk about. I don’t want Russell Wilson. I’m not giving you two first-round picks for Russell Wilson.

“If I can get those guys, we’re having a different conversation. There’s nobody coming out in the college football draft that’s better than Jalen Hurts right now. And I don’t give a damn what Todd McShay says, Mel Kiper or nobody else.

There’s not a quarterback in college football right now better than Jalen Hurts in the NFL. … He will be the franchise quarterback because he’s there and he’s going to be there for the next several years.”

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