By Max Harper

So, ESPN has put the finger on Eagles GM Howie Roseman’s roller-coaster career:

So … is Roseman a great general manager? Sometimes? The most accurate thing to say is Roseman is a good general manager with spectacularly high peaks and low valleys.

While he has undoubtedly learned from whatever mistakes or disappointments have occurred during his tenure, the same Roseman who came within a holding penalty of potentially winning two Super Bowls in five years is the one who was quasi-fired once and nearly fired a second time.

It’s difficult to reconcile that the same guy did all of that, but it’s important to understand that as we think about the league and its coaches and general managers.

It’s too easy and simplistic to rely on what we saw most recently as the only evidence of what a front office is capable of doing.

One good (or bad) pick isn’t a great way to judge what a drafter is capable of producing.

It’s easier to ride the wild mood swings of reacting to what just happened and regarding your favorite team’s coaches and executives as geniuses or failures with little in between, but it’s also an easy way to get fooled.

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