By Steve Kelly

Eagles big boss Howie Boy Roseman has finally tried to explain the reasoning for the blockbuster trade of five draft picks to climb up to No. 2 in order to pick quarterback Carson Wentz.

“When we hired Doug, we talked about it and we talked about the importance of the quarterback position,” Roseman said this morning on 97.5 the Fanatic.”We’re picking 13th, so our priority is to re-sign Sam [Bradford]. Let’s get Sam in here and make sure he’s with these guys. Give him a chance to grow. Let’s get a veteran quarterback in here who’s experienced in Doug’s system so he can help on and off the field, come in and play and win games if he needs to. Then, let’s draft a quarterback. Let’s get a young guy. Let’s find a guy who we think can be the long-term answer. When you’re picking 13th, and you don’t have a second-round pick, it’s pretty daunting.

“When we were picking 13 and a lot changed. Certainly a lot changed last week. But, we were really concerned about our ability to get a difference-maker. The draft is your one chance every year to get a blue chip player. A difference-maker. So, our first priority at the Combine, and I spoke to every team picking in the top-10, was to get into the top-10.

“Once you get to the eighth pick,” Roseman said. “You’re looking at it differently. Now you’re in striking distance to get one of these guys. You’re thinking to yourself ‘who knows when we’re going to be back in this spot. We’ve been there once since 2000 and when we were there, there was no quarterback that we were going to take with that spot. So, you can get back there, but there’s no guarantee there’s going to be a quarterback worth taking. Then, the uniqueness that teams that are picking one or two don’t need a quarterback.”

Once the Eagles secured the No. 2 pick, all that was left to do was call Wentz once the team was finally on the clock Thursday night in Chicago.

“Then we looked at the landscape of our division, of this league, and we said to ourselves ‘how many teams are we going to be competing with for a quarterback if we don’t get one this year or next year? Take the time to just look at our division. Romo is 36, Eli is 35, Kirk Cousins is on a one-year deal. Look at the final four teams last year, they went ahead and drafted Lynch. Arizona, Carson Palmer’s 37, Tom Brady’s 39. We’re just picking eight teams right there.”

“When we looked at this, we said ‘holy cow’ there might be 10 or 15 teams in the next two years looking for a quarterback. Where are they getting them from? For us, it made too much sense to not do this.”

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