By Sarah Berkowitz

If you think the Eagles have gone on a spending spree this off-season, big boss Howie Boy Roseman begs to differ.

“I can’t speak for the players,” Roseman told Sports Illustrated’s MMQB. “But you hope to create an environment where players understand that if they play well and do the right things on and off the field, they don’t have to leave here to make more money.”

Several agents have raved about the Eagles’ return to an approach of rewarding the success of young players within the program.

“That’s kind of the Modus Operandi, here in Philly,” Steve Caric, Ertz’s agent said upon the tight end signing his deal. “They try to find those core young guys and lock them up early. They’ve been doing that since Joe Banner was here. I think it’s a continued philosophy of the organization.”

“The market doesn’t go down,” said Roseman. “With each free agent class, the market naturally goes up. So if you do some deals early, that make sense for both sides, it can help you. It’s like drafting. You won’t get every one right and see everyone to the end of their deal, but you try to get more right than wrong and keep the team together that way.”

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