By Teddy Brenner

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was asked on WIP this morning about Fletcher Cox’s criticism of the defense:

“I think what we have to understand too about this game is that it is so emotional,” Sirianni said.

“And so, those things happen. Obviously you would love for those conversations to always stay in house. I understand the frustration and there’s no doubt, players like Fletch, we’ve got to use their abilities because it’s all about the players. Our job as coaches is to put these guys in position so their skill set shines and when a player doesn’t feel like that’s happening, I understand the frustration. Fletch and I have talked and you want those things to stay in house and sometimes they don’t and that’s OK.

“I’ll let you in on some inside stuff, every week I ask our coaches, ‘Hey, we feel like this guy, this guy, this guy are our best players. Are we utilizing their skill set?’ And that’s a question I ask every week. And so, we’re constantly thinking about that.”

“I have 100 percent trust in Jonathan Gannon and his staff and his players on defense,” Sirianni said. “And I know they’re doing all the game planning and all of the watching of the tape throughout the week, but if we want to challenge more—and that can mean a couple different things. That could mean you want to pressure more. That could also mean you want to play a little bit more man to man and get a little bit closer to the receivers.

“Any time a quarterback is 91-percent [completion rate] there, those are the couple of things that have to happen. And that starts with me. I have to get that in and say I want to challenge these guys more, and go from there.”

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