By Harvey Hoffman

Two weeks the Matthew Stafford to the Rams trade for Jared Goff, reality has bitten Eagles GM, little Howie Roseman, and trust-fund-owner Jeff Lurie:

The rest of the league thinks of QB Carson Wentz like Goff and not Stafford.

Throw in Wentz’s massive contract and you have the reason the league ois waiting and seeing about a trade.

If the goal, as always, is buy low and sell high, the Eagles based on Wentz’s play in 2020 are selling low.

The primary potential suitors continue to be the Colts and the Bears. It continues to make little sense for the Bears to want Wentz or, more importantly, for Wentz to want the Bears. The Colts, therefore, know that they’re the only real option, which makes it very difficult for the Eagles to create real leverage.

Any leverage the Eagles currently possess instantly evaporates if the Colts address their needs elsewhere. While there’s no indication that the Colts are preparing to pivot toward another veteran quarterback, if the Eagles push too hard and wait too long, the Colts will have no choice but to make other plans.

So why not just take the offer of two second-round picks, if Ron Jaworski’s information is correct? It gets the Eagles tnet value for a quarterback whose 2020 performance coupled with his current contract could have easily put the Eagles in Brock Osweiler mode, requiring them to give someone a draft pick to get Wentz’s bloated contract off the books.

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