By Steve Kelly

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham has been around a while.

So, when the team cut Josh Huff yesterday, Graham was philosophical:

“This is an eye-opener for a lot of guys who may have been doing similar things,” Graham said. “Sometimes people get caught and sometimes people don’t. Hopefully, people learn from this situation and know how serious it can be. We all are just one decision away from losing our job.”

Graham wants his teammates to use what happened to Huff as an example and something they should think about before even considering doing the wrong thing.

Some will look at the situation as a major distraction, but that is not the way Graham is looking at what happened. Graham said it is “blown up” more by the media as he pointed towards the numerous cameras and microphones in his face.

He feels the team is dialed in on the next opponent.

“It is not a distraction because we are still getting things done and are focused on the Giants,” Graham said with a smile. “You will see that on Sunday. I know Josh is going to learn from it and I hope he gets another chance. It is not a distraction because we are still getting things done. We know people make mistakes.”

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