By Peter Gleason

Everybody in Eagles Nation has his own personal pick for disappointment in this disappointing season:

Carson Wentz’s meltdown.

Doug Pederson’s play-calling.

Jason Kelce’s injury-induced coma.

Nelson Agholor’s impersonation of a No. 1 draft pick.

By mine is easily:

The Eagles signing Fletcher Cox to a huge extension.

At first it seemed like a fine idea.

The cap is rising every year, and getting a star at a fixed price is smart business. It’s also something on which the Eagles have always prided themselves.

They rarely let their guys hit the open market, which is why they usually have a great cap situation. And Cox fit the mold, having shown flashes of being a game-changing force on the defensive line and thus giving the franchise the confidence to offer him a six-year, $102.6 million extension.

But paying stars only makes sense if they keep playing like stars, and Cox hasn’t.

New coach Pederson has had to spend significant time defending the player who has become a scapegoat for the team’s recent slide.

No one thinks that the Eagles should have ditched Cox, but they had options, including franchising him twice before committing long term. As the Zach Berman noted in the Inky, the deal “relieved the acrimony that would have come if Cox did not have a long-term contract,” but while that may be true for the team and player, the words from fans and media are as pointed as ever.