Check out the NFL post-free agency power rankings:

13-3 1 / 24 Arrival of Michael Bennett offsets champs’ handful of departures. And Nick Foles might still fetch nice bounty once Carson Wentz fully recovers.
2 New England
13-3 1 / 12 Tom Brady’s approaching 41, yet team let key pieces (notably LT Nate Solder) jump through QB’s closing window. Still, Pats get benefit of doubt.
3 Minnesota
13-3 2 3 / 19 Ironically, their biggest question is an $84 million quarterback who’s never won a playoff game and must shoulder franchise’s weighty expectations.
4 Los Angeles
11-5 4 4 / 28 Star-studded roster and coaching staff welcomes Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. They’ve got the talent, but will they have the chemistry?
5 New Orleans
11-5 1 5 / 26 If they can avoid typical slow start for a change and ride a wave to at least a playoff bye, don’t be surprised to see them in Super Bowl LIII.
6 Jacksonville
10-6 3 3 / 26 This should be league’s top defense for next 3-4 years. And it will remain fresh and imposing if Blake Bortles can keep handing off 35 times a week.
7 Pittsburgh
13-3 3 1 / 14 No denying Lombardi-caliber potential. But self-destructive tendencies remain, Le’Veon Bell’s still a distraction, and D has Shazier-sized hole.
8 Atlanta
10-6 1 2 / 14 If offense makes same Year 2 leap under Steve Sarkisian it did with Kyle Shanahan, THEY could be first team to play Super Bowl on home turf.
9 Los Angeles
9-7 9 / 31 Once they overcame kicking woes and adapted to new city and bandbox stadium, they were arguably AFC’s best team in second half of last season.
10 Green Bay
7-9 2 2 / 26 With Aaron Rodgers back to lead offense and Mike Pettine arriving to chart new defensive course, they return to relevance but in improved division.
11 Denver
5-11 15 4 / 30 Focus will hinge on Case Keenum’s ability to be The Man. But watch a defense now appreciably different from Super Bowl-winning version of 2015.
12 Carolina
11-5 1 2 / 20 Final ride for Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil could depend on how well Cam Newton adapts to new offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s philosophy.
13 Houston
4-12 9 11 / 30 Perhaps no team’s outlook runs broader spectrum. Healthy Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt could mean playoffs. Unproven O-line could spell disaster.
14 San Francisco
6-10 2 14 / 31 Maybe they’ll run the table given Jimmy Garoppolo has never lost an NFL start. But progression of this defense is equally pivotal to playoff aspirations.
15 Tennessee
9-7 5 7 / 23 Progress (or lack thereof) by Marcus Mariota and the passing game likely to dictate fate of a team that otherwise appears solid across the board.
16 Kansas City
10-6 1 1 / 19 Optimism runs amok. But let’s not heap undue burden on QB Patrick Mahomes, who’s likely to have major performance swings in first year as starter.
17 Dallas
9-7 3 5 / 24 Sideshow following Dez Bryant certainly less worrisome than last year’s Ezekiel Elliott drama. Still, unexpected variables tend to crop up in Dallas.
18 Seattle
9-7 7 3 / 18 Long-touted competitive ethos will be sternly tested in a year when so many core players have left amid ongoing ascents of Rams and 49ers.
19 Washington
7-9 2 6 / 25 Interior of both lines in question, another way of saying it remains to be seen if this team can be effective on ground or if it can stop run.
20 Detroit
9-7 2 / 23 Rifle-armed Matthew Stafford may be figuratively outgunned as team lacking balance begins transition to Matt Patricia, who’s never been a head coach.
21 Arizona
8-8 3 11 / 29 Fortunately for Sam Bradford’s health, he shouldn’t have to drop too deeply to feed David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. New culture a wild card.
22 Baltimore
9-7 1 9 / 28 QB Joe Flacco and G Marshal Yanda are healthy but also need to be in peak form. Holes apparent for team that can’t depend on free divisional wins.
23 Oakland
6-10 5 3 / 23 New playbook and management style under Jon Gruden could produce for steep learning curve on all sides. Defense still a big question mark, too.
24 Chicago
5-11 3 19 / 30 Their ingredients and recipe appear eerily similar to those used by 2017 Rams. But do Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy have goods to deliver revival?
25 Cleveland
0-16 7 25 / 32 Unless schedule makers stick it to Cleveland, there’s a realistic chance team will win more games in September than last two seasons combined.
26 Tampa Bay
5-11 2 8 / 28 League’s worst defense poised for quantum leap. But Jameis Winston’s legal issues still pending for team clearly outclassed in its division.
27 Cincinnati
7-9 2 19 / 31 Marvin Lewis is back, but major philosophical changes occurring on both sides of the ball. New LT Cordy Glenn’s play could be microcosm of team.
28 Buffalo
9-7 9 3 / 28 They were living right for most of 2017. But what does it tell you when the Browns preferred Tyrod Taylor to new Buffalo QB AJ McCarron?
29 New York
3-13 2 10 / 31 Whither Odell? Can they block? Can they run? How will defense adapt to James Bettcher? What will Dave Gettleman do in draft? Truly a mystery team.
30 New York
5-11 17 / 32 Secondary should be one of league’s best … largely because it was only place they could find a big-ticket free agent willing to take their money.
31 Miami
6-10 8 11 / 31 Ryan Tannehill returns to offense stripped of Jarvis Landry, Jay Ajayi and Mike Pouncey in his absence. Skepticism for Suh-less D also fair.
32 Indianapolis
4-12 3 23 / 32 As much as any team, the 2018 forecast will largely be shaped by draft haul. But at end of day, it’s still all about Andrew Luck’s ability to play.

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