By Max Harper

Of course it is impossible to judge yesterday’s draft-shaking Eagles-Saints trade.

It all depends on whom the Birds take in this month’s NFL draft, and also how well they perform.

And, giden GM Howie Roseman’s spotty record on draft night, that’s a dicey call.

But it does give the Birds at least one more year to assess Jalen Hurts at quarterback before the 2023 draft, when a boatload of arms will be available.

Here’s how CBSSports.com grades it out:

Eagles: A-

Even with this trade, the Eagles still have two first-round picks in the draft — and they didn’t have to part with their top pick at No. 15 overall.

They also ensured they have multiple first-round picks again in the 2023 draft! Even before the trade, four of our five CBS Sports NFL Draft experts had Philly selecting a wide receiver in the first round, and you have to think the Eagles are locked in on one. The first receiver drafted this year is expected to come somewhere in the top 10, and by the time the Eagles pick, it could be in the middle of a run on wideouts.

There is a bit more to this deal, and it has to do with Jalen Hurts.

This draft class is not seen as one that is strong at the quarterback position, but that should change in 2023.

CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora says the Eagles showed some foresight in trying to be positioned to take a quarterback in 2023 if Hurts cannot prove he’s the guy in 2022. That’s always possible, but even if Hurts balls out in 2022, the Eagles will be sitting pretty with multiple first-round picks to continue to build around him.

Giving up a first-round pick for a third-round pick, a seventh-rounder and two future picks including a first-rounder next year is solid. Howie Roseman is surely excited.

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