By Michael Donovan

Steve Young was a great quarterback who backed up another great QB, Joe Montana, before he finally got a chance to start for the Niners back in the 1990s.

Here’s what he said on ESPN yesterday about the Eagles’ quarterback situation:

“Can he handle things in Washington this weekend? Yes, he deserved the starting job when he won the Super Bowl and won the MVP. Look, it’s not just contextual to the Philadelphia Eagles. Nick Foles is good in one place, but he’d be good in a lot of places. He deserves to start. He deserves to start in Philadelphia. Now, I understand they’ve got a young, great quarterback.

But, to me, the rigor of the position, the fact is, you don’t own anything. You don’t deserve anything. If Nick Foles deserves to start in Philadelphia then start him because he has done more than anyone close to him in Carson Wentz in the last year and a half. I believe he deserves to start anywhere in the league and he deserves to start in Philadelphia.”

In San Francisco, after an MVP season, Young got his way and Montana was traded.

It’s unlikely Foles will similarly return to the Eagles in 2019 as a starter, even if Young thinks that would be the right move.

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