By Peter Gleason

It’s all seashells and balloons now with the Eagles and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who signed a record-breaking contract recently.

But ESPN’s Adam Schefter sheds some light on how close Cox came from staying away even longer!

“Fletcher Cox had given some serious consideration to not showing up to the mandatory minicamp,” Schefter said on 97.5 the Fanatic. “[He] decided to go when the Eagles said ‘Hey, we’re gonna keep talking about this, we’re gonna keep coming up with proposals to try to get this worked out.’ And so often we see players stay away.”

Just a few days after the end of mandatory minicamp, the 25-year-old defensive tackle agreed to a six-year $103 million extension, with $63 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money is a record for a non-quarterback.

“I think that when those teams see this deal, it sends shivers down their backsides,” said Schefter, “because the Broncos felt like they got as far as they could go, offering Von Miller as much as they could. And this changes the parameters of the numbers and the discussion.

“The fact of the matter is that the Fletcher Cox deal redefines what is and isn’t acceptable for a defensive lineman, and it’s big money.”

Schefter compared the Cox signing to that of Albert Haynesworth when he signed his deal with the Washington Redskins in 2008. Unlike Haynesworth, Schefter mentioned that Cox has never had any concerns regarding his behavior.

“You’ve never heard that Fletcher Cox had ‘dog’ in him,” said Schefter. “He’s regarded as one of the team leaders, a guy that they want to build around. There was a real question about [Haynesworth] coming out of Tennessee that there was the stomping incident, there was the work ethic incident, there was the reason that he even dropped in the draft from really a top one or two, to where he was taken in the draft.

“Those questions have not really existed here with Fletcher Cox. Contracts of this size, it’s always part of the factoring how it’s gonna impact the guy and his motivation and desire, but I think the great ones are not motivated by that money as attractive and nice as it is. You do this because you love this because you take pride in this because you’re a consummate pro, and whether you’re paid $114 million or $114, you go about the job the same exact way. And I think that’s part of the belief on Fletcher Cox, and we’ll see whether or not it turns out to be true.”

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