By Ben Sullivan

Philly sports fans have taken so much criticism from the national media in the past 60 years that we don’t notice much anymore.

Whenever fans anywhere else are rowdy or inhospitable to visitors it seems that the comparison is always to when Eagles fans threw snow balls as Santa in 1968 (it was deserved, Santa looked like a phony and the Eagles sucked) or when the Vet had to a jail in its bowels because there were so many drunks.

Well, USA Today has rated the worst fans and finds the Miami Heat at the top of this list and the Eagles only 10th:

10. Eagles fans

This is more of an emeritus nomination since Eagles fans really aren’t that bad now.


It’s actually a pretty great fan base.

Were they once maleficent?

Oh, yes.

The booing of Donovan McNabb on draft dayis one of the all-time worst moments in draft history.

And yes, Eagles fans’ behavior was once so bad they had a jail inside the old stadium.

That is first-class fan skullduggery.

However, the notorious booing of Santa Claus is a more complicated story than non-Eagles fans want to admit. Bottom line: Santa deserved it.

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