By Teddy Brenner

It isn’t every missed Jake Elliott field goal that costs almost $240,000.

But that was the case last Thursday night after the Eagles Elliott missed a short field goal attempt that NFL kickers almost never miss.

The gambler placed a huge $250,000 bet at MGM on Thursday that the Eagles would cover a first half point spread that had Philly favored by three.

If the Eagles could cover, the bettor was going to walk away with a nice profit of $238,095.25.

With 57 seconds left to go until halftime, the Giants were trailing 10-7, but they had the ball. If they kneeled it, the bettor would get a push, meaning he would get his original bet back, but he wouldn’t win any money. The Giants decided they wanted to try to score though, which would have been bad news for the bettor, because if New York scored any points, he would be out $250,000.

As the Giants drove down the field, something crazy happened: Dion Lewis lost a fumble and the Eagles recovered. At that point, all the bettor needed was a field goal from the Eagles to earn his $238,095.25 payday. In a span of three plays, the Eagles drove from the Giants’ 42-yard line to their 11, which set Philly up for a 29-yard field goal attempt.

Imagine watching a 29-yard field goal knowing that you win $238,000 if the kicker makes it. Kickers NEVER miss from that close. The money is as good as yours. Unfortunately for our bettor though, Eagles kicker Jake Elliott could not put the ball through the uprights.

That missed field goal meant the Eagles went into halftime with a 10-7 lead instead of a 13-7 lead. It also meant that our bettor pushed instead of won. He didn’t lose his initial $250,000 bet, but he did lose out on a chance to win $238,095.25 due to the missed field goal. This story is basically why I never bet $250,000 on anything.

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