By Peter Gleason

Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who is already a world-class avoider of blame-placing, lurched inadvertently into the truth today.

When asked if he believes that each of his players gave maximum effort in yesterday’s listless 32-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, Pederson didn’t hesitate, or hold back.

“Not everybody,” Pederson said at the NovaCare Complex. “Not everybody. That’s the accountability that I talk about. I hold coaches accountable for that. I hold myself accountable for that, because it all starts with me. 

“I pride myself each and every week on making sure that the guys are ready to go, but at the same time, it comes down to a mentality by each individual player.”

To say the Eagles were unprepared to play yesterday is obvious, and the Bengals were spotted a 29-0 advantage.

“This is a business where we have to be ready to go,” Pederson lamented. “Every single weekend. Because every team in the league, there are some teams that are better than others, obviously. For the most part anything can happen each weekend.

“I think there’s a level of that tough love,” Pederson said, when asked how to turn things around. “There’s gotta be that accountability that I was talking about. I implore and I challenge the leaders of this football team to stand up, and hold themselves and the rest of the team — I’m not going to say it’s a panic move — but let’s make sure everybody is doing things right, everybody’s doing their assignments and good things are going to happen.

“It starts with me. I have to make sure I’m doing that right. I have to hold myself accountable and I have to relay that message onto the assistants and then onto the team.”