By Lewis Gould

Eagles’ dumb-ass right tackle Lane Johnson was suspended for 10 games this season, his punishment for a second performance enhancing drugs offense.

It was upheld after he appealed in October.

Johnson missed the bulk of the season, but returned for the final two weeks of the regular season.

And now, he’s looking for justice.

Johnson filed suit yesterday in federal court against the NFL and NFL Players’ Association, asking the court to vacate his penalties.

A statement from Johnson’s attorney Steve Zashin posted to Twitter by the MMQB’s Albert Breer, calls the October appeal hearing “a sham,” referring to rules laid out in the collective bargaining agreement that were not followed.

“Today, Lane Johnson filed a complaint against the National Football League and the National Football League Players Association in Federal Court.

“The Complaint asserts that the arbitration concerning his 10 game suspension was, among other things, a sham proceeding.

“Although the 2015 Policy on Performance Enhancing Substances (“2015 Policy”) required a minimum of three arbitrators – there were only two.

“In addition, the 2015 Policy required that any arbitrator assigned to hear appeals was not otherwise affiliated with the NFL and NFLPA. That requirement was not followed.

“The 2015 Policy entitles a player to information upon which he can contest discipline. Lane was denied even the most basic information, including information about his treatment under the 2015 Policy.

“Although the NFL required that Lane strictly comply with the 2015 Policy, the NFL and NFLPA were not required to comply with the written terms of the 2015 Policy. In that regard, the NFL and the NFLPA deviated in numerous substantive areas from the protections set forth in the 2015 Policy to the extreme detriment of NFL players.

“This case is a harsh example of an employer and union who have chosen to withhold and manipulate the terms and conditions of employment in violation of the law. Such conduct is also in direct contravention of the 2015 Policy’s express requirements of ‘transparency’ and ‘fairness.’”

Johnson, a 26-year old, four-year veteran, also filed charges against the NFL and NFLPA with the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor in November.

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