By Lewis Gould

So, how would Eagles rookie head coach Doug Pederson grade himself?

He made questionable play-calling decisions during the Birds’ 7-9 season, and he talked about them yesterday during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio LIVE From the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.”

“The biggest thing is just dealing with all the different personalities on your roster and that includes your coaching staff,” Pederson said. “Trying to get everybody on the same page. Getting everybody to buy into what you’re teaching and your philosophies. That was something that I give credit to the players and assistant coaches [for]. … The way we played down the stretch, the guys stayed true to the process, practiced hard and remained competitive on game days.

“Just looking at myself, from Day 1 to today, understanding how to manage a football game, to play-calling on offense to switching over on defense to switching to special teams play to, ‘Is this a challenge situation?’ Those are things that I evaluate as the year goes on and can get better going into Year 2.

“I think it’s important to keep your core guys on your roster,” Pederson said. “That was part of the success we had in Green Bay all those years ago under Mike Holmgren. I know things have changed. Keeping your core guys and coaching staff in tact is important.

“When it comes to Year 2 … we’re going to look at our players this spring. … We’re looking at the Philadelphia Eagles and our tape and our schemes and making sure that we get that right. Year 2 is obviously a big year for us and myself. That’s why we’re down here evaluating these players.”

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