By Sally Fahey

Darius Slay was torched by DK Metcalf all night.

How’s that trade look now, Howie Roseman?

Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf had a huge game against the Eagles and much of it came at the expense of cornerback Slay.

Metcalf caught 10 passes for 177 yards in the 23-17 Seattle win and Slay didn’t mince words when it came to his performance. He said Metcalf did a great job while calling it “by far the worst game I have ever played in the league.”

“It was a great battle. I won’t say it was difficult. I lost every 50/50 ball today,” Slay said. “I am usually on the other side of that. Today, I am on the other side of it. I let the team down. I told the defense, that game was on me. I have to play better, but props to DK for giving me the good work. We are competing every play, but I lost every 50/50 ball and I have to be better.”