By Art Beitchman

Chip Kelly has been Eagles head coach for a little over two years and he still hasn’t won over the Philly media.

The question must be asked: Why?

He took over a sinking ship from former coach Andy Reid’s 4-12 2012 team and in 2013 squeezed 10 wins out of essentially the same players. I guess that wasn’t good enough for the Philly media.

After another 10-win season in 2014, including missing the playoffs, it was time to purge the team of Reid’s players, who hadn’t won a playoff game in since 2008 — five years.

Not good either!!

What will the fans do with all the McCoy & Maclin jerseys they can’t wear anymore?

On local sports talk radio the name Marcus Mariota still is getting beaten around like the dead horse it is. It’s over!! In truth, the Eagles had a very slim chance of getting the No. 2 pick, but the beat goes on.

In the just completed draft, Kelly and his crew drafted five defensive players out of six taken to shore up a porous secondary that needed and needs to be solidified for the Eagles to make some noise in the playoffs.

Kelly’s offenses have been top tier the first two years in the NFL, plus the last four at Oregon, but some (Ray Didinger) also nitpicked about not getting an offensive lineman with the third round pick they traded to the Lions, mid-draft.

Does anyone really believe that player would make one iota of a difference to this high octane offense? Not really, but it’s something to further bitch Kelly out on.

Mikey Miss railed on and on that another coach could replace Andy Reid, and NFL life would go on in Philadelphia, and he was right, and it has.

In fact, the Eagles are much closer today in finally strengthening the defense to the same levels of the special teams, and offense, which would make them a top tier football club when the 2015 season rolls around.

At that point the Philly media might have nothing to bitch about anymore.


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