By Peter Gleason

It’s been nine days since the NFL zebras let go a pass interference so obvious that even Stevie Wonder could see it that sank the Saints and made the Rams NFC champs.

So, what has Roger Goodell, the overpaid NFL commish done about it?

Or said about it?


While the NFL isn’t going to change the result, publicly admitting a mistake could go a long way toward appeasing fans, especially in New Orleans.

“It’s kind of unimaginable because it was in such a key moment in the game and it was so egregious,” Eagles defensive end Chris Long said yesterday on CBS Radio’s Tiki & Tierney show.

“At the same time, if you’re a Rams fan, you can point to that face mask. I know that screenshot is being shared pretty widely. But there’s no denying that this was not a subjective PI call; this was very objective.”

Long, 33, won a Super Bowl with the Patriots in February 2017 and a Super Bowl with the Eagles in February 2018. He believes – or at least hopes – that replay-review changes are coming this offseason.

“The league in general has succeeded in part over the years because they’ve been adaptive,” he said. “Back in the day when I was growing up, if there was a bad call, you just lived with it. When the replay started happening, everybody was like, ‘Where do we stop? Is this a good idea?’ Now nobody bats an eye. We look at replay five, seven times a game, and I think it’s a good thing. So I hope that they’ll be adaptive.

“The commissioner is paid a lot of money, and he is somebody who’s running the most popular league in America for a reason,” Long continued, “so you have to come out and issue a statement. You have to talk about it. The only thing I can think of is he doesn’t want to contradict their plan of action when it comes to fruition, but I don’t think that’s good enough. Just say, ‘We blew it, and we’re going to figure it out. We don’t know what to do right now. We’re getting ready for the most important game of the year.’”

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