By Mary Cunningham

Eagles defensive end Chris Long has now won two consecutive Super Bowls, in 2017 with the New England Patriots and in 2018 with the Birds.

So, he’s somewhat of an expert when it comes to the two teams.

“I just think any NFL team, any NFL locker room under a lot of stress over a year period, there are going to be storylines people can choose to kind of blow out of proportion or not pay attention to,” Long told the Big Lead podcast. “I think everyone’s going to pay attention sometimes to really small issues. Whatever people are alluding to going on up there hasn’t affected their play, it hasn’t affected their bottom line. It hasn’t affected how they executed on Sundays.”

Long went on to underline how challenging it was for the Eagles to defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

“It took everything for us to beat them,” Long said. “It took a heroic performance by Nick Foles and we had to play our best game. So while everybody likes to always point to the Patriots as being under duress or there’s some drama in the locker room, there’s drama in every locker room that you could blow out of proportion. They’re just on top and those stories sell because they’ve been so great.”

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