By Michael Donovan

Eagles coach Doug Pederson still has to prove he can call plays, but he seems to have a good idea of the state of the NFC East:

“You look at the NFC East over the last few decades, Tony Romo has been in there and Eli Manning,” Pederson explained on Ed Werder and Matt Mosley’s Doomsday Podcast. “Now you have the young quarterbacks coming in there. Washington has Kirk Cousins who’s a relatively young quarterback, with Dallas and Dak, we have Carson. This is a division where all four teams have the guys they want and they can build around.”

“He [Prescott] has so much athletic talent to beat you with his legs and with his arm,” Pederson explained. “The biggest thing and what is the most impressive with him is how handled himself on and off of the field. He understood that he didn’t have to win the game for them. He had veteran players that he could rely on. That’s something that a young quarterback sometimes takes a while to figure out. He utilized the people around him.”