By Peter Gleason

Let’s face facts.

The Eagles wasted their 2015 No. 1 draft pick on Nelson Agholor.

In a season and a half he has been essentially worthless.

And I don’t care if it was Chip Kelly’s idea or Howie Boy Roseman’s idea to take him.

But what needs to be done now is all on Howie Boy, the Eagles’ big boss.

Agholor can’t catch the ball, and he’s not a playmaker.

All he really does is take up one defender’s time from the opposing team.

But the Eagles can’t bench him!

They currently have only four receivers. Even if you take him out of your top three, you will still need to put him on the field during four-receiver sets. While that is possible, it’s not plausible at this stage of the season.

The only man below him on the depth chart — really, the only non-starting wide receiver — is undrafted rookie Bryce Treggs.

Agholor’s numbers are pretty mediocre, but who else is there to replace him? Outside of lining Darren Sproles up at wide receiver all game long — which might not be a bad idea at this point — there is no one else to place ahead of Agholor. Despite all this though, Philly remains entrenched in the NFC’s playoff race.

Jordan Matthews has been playing well as the slot man which can make up for Agholor. If DGB can get his game back together in the coming week, that will also make up for the non-production out of Agholor.

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