By Peter Gleason

Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford wants nothing to do with Chip Kelly!

According to NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington, Bradford doesn’t want to be traded to the 49ers because he doesn’t want to be reunited with Kelly.

“The Jets are not interested in Bradford, and he is not interested in playing with Chip Kelly,” Darlington told 97.5 FM the Fanatic, when asked about Bradford’s options.

You’ve probably heard the old saying that beggars can’t be choosers, but apparently, Bradford hasn’t, because he’s clearly trying to be both. The Eagles quarterback is demanding that Phillly trade him and he’s trying to dictate where he gets traded.

The problem for Bradford is that there’s only so many teams looking for a starting quarterback, and if he doesn’t want to play in San Francisco, that really limits the pool of potential trading partners for the Eagles.

It also doesn’t help that the Jets aren’t interested, as Darlington noted.

If Bradford wants to be a starting quarterback in 2016, that basically leaves the Broncos, but they’ve already been shot down. Denver called the Eagles about a possible Bradford trade Monday, but the deal didn’t go down because Philly’s “asking price was too high,” accordingto 9news.com in Denver.

So what’s “too high?”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter told the Fanatic (via NJ.com) that it’s likely going to take “more than” a second-round pick to get the Eagles to part ways with Bradford. The Broncos weren’t going to pay that for Colin Kaepernick, and it’s highly unlikely they’ll pay that for Bradford.

Also, if Bradford’s going to be picky about where he gets traded, that might mean he gets stuck in Philadelphia, which doesn’t sound like good news for anyone involved.

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, said Monday that his client wouldn’t be showing up for any offseason workouts in Philly.

“Sam wants the opportunity to go someplace and not only be the starter, but be the starter there long-term,” Condon told Sirius XM NFL Radio. “The offseason program is voluntary and he certainly can make his wishes known with regard to wanting to go someplace else and setup and be there for the rest of his career.”

If Bradford stops putting demands on his demands, the Eagles might be able to find someone who will trade for him at their asking price. If that doesn’t happen, it could be a long first season for Doug Pederson in Philly.

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