By Lewis Gould

When an athlete holds out, the issue is always about power.

The team has it.

The player wants it.

So, when Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford announced he was not showing up for OTA’s, it was obvious his agent was trying to re-set the power.

So much for that!

Sam Bradford today surrendered in his battle with the Eagles.

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that Bradford has rescinded trade demand, will show up to offseason workouts, and is committed to fulfilling his contract with the Eagles.

That was just about the only option available to Bradford if he wanted to keep playing in the NFL. Bradford just accepted a contract with an $11 million signing bonus two months ago, and unless he was willing to give back the money and retire, he was stuck with that contract. Bradford may not like the fact that the team he signed with just drafted Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick, but that’s life.

Paolantonio said this morning on Mike & Mike that when Bradford first made his trade demand, Bradford’s camp thought the Eagles would trade him to the Broncos. But when that deal didn’t get done, Bradford was out of options.

Bradford is expected to release a statement later today.

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