“… We knew that three quarterbacks were going to be off the board in the first three picks.”

By Harvey Hoffman

That was Howie Roseman, the boy wonder GM of the Eagles on Wednesday trying to explain his thinking, such as it is, before next week’s draft.

And he did it in that faux-Southern accent he must have picked up at a frat party during spring break

The Inky’s Marcus Hayes points out that it’s another example of how little Roseman and the Eagles regard QB Jalen Hurts:

Roseman said this to explain why the Eagles recently traded back, from sixth to 12th, in the first round of Thursday’s draft: the run on quarterbacks would create a glut of talent later in the round. But this also told us that, if the Eagles could have drafted BYU’s Zach Wilson or Ohio State’s Justin Fields, who are expected to be picked second and third after Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, they would have.

Jalen Hurts gets no respect. No respect. It’s like he’s Rodney Dangerfield, and the Eagles are his wife.

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