By Melody Miller

No sooner had worked leaked yesterday at 2 pm that the Eagles had shocked their Nation with the hiring of Nick Sirianni to replace Doug Pederson as head coach then the critics let loose.

Ex-Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho, a Fox Sports hot take commentator, jumped in:

Here’s Acho’s take:

“I don’t get this hire. Actually, I do get it. I didn’t want to be honest with y’all, because in playing for the Eagles, I’m not allowed to tell y’all 100% of the truth. When you’re in the locker room, you can’t say everything. But it’s about time to say some things.

“What we know about Eagles management is this: they want to be able to control the situation. Doug Pederson is no longer the Eagles’ head coach, not because they struggled this year, contrary to what you read. He’s no longer the Eagles head coach because management wanted to tell Doug Pederson who to hire and who to fire. Doug Pederson looked at himself and said, ‘Look, I’ve won Super Bowls. You’re not going to tell me what to do.’

“But you know who Eagles management can control? They can control a coach with no head coaching experience. They can control a coach with a limited resume. They can control a coach with a minimal name. I believe the Eagles just hired a puppet that management can control.”

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