By Sheldon Selover

Here’s what NFL Insider Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network is reporting about the Eagles:

“I’m told this was a Jeffrey Lurie decision here. There are three big voices in the Eagles organization. It’s Jeffrey Lurie, it’s Howie Roseman, it’s team President Don Smolenski. From what I gather, it was the one loudest voice, the only one you really need on this one, Jeffrey Lurie, who really made the push for Doug Pederson to be dismissed here, and that Howie Roseman and Smolenski were trying to salvage the situation and get those two back on the same page and go forward with Doug Pederson still as the head coach of the team.

“I don’t get the sense that this team expected a coaching search to be happening right now. They’re kind of scrambling right now. The requests are in for Robert Saleh and Todd Bowles, we can confirm that, but I wouldn’t look at it and say ‘oh these are the targets.’ Right now this team is just getting its feet underneath it as they start a coaching search while six other teams are already deep into theirs. I think there’s a little bit of frustration on that part and it’s tough to get a read right now on who’s going to be the guy for the Eagles.”