6. Nick Foles (hypothetical)

What if Jeff Fisher is the problem? Honestly, between Foles and Case Keenum, it’s hard to imagine that coaching doesn’t have some influence, and Foles has put up impressive numbers under every other coach he’s played for. Obviously his 27 touchdown, two interception season was a fluke, but players don’t need to put up those type of numbers to still have good careers. Since he took over for Carson Wentz, Foles has thrown eight touchdowns to two interceptions. He’s not making mistakes, which is what the Eagles wanted out of him.

He’s thrown for 598 yards in the postseason, in addition to the 537 he had in the regular season. Foles is setting the Eagles up to get a good haul for him should they choose to trade him after this postseason, which looks more and more likely. He’s proving that he’s a trustworthy quarterback, if nothing else. There are things to be concerned about, such as his utter bomb against the Cowboys in the regular season, but he went 4 of 11 in a meaningless game — there’s no reason to panic yet.

The sample size from Foles is growing, and he’s continuing to impress. It might be time to admit that he’s not a liability to the Eagles’ offense — he just isn’t Carson Wentz having an MVP-caliber season: