By Peter Gleason

No team controls the ball like the Eagles whether they are trailing or winning.

The Eagles love play action.

They are tied with the Patriots using play action 26 percent of the time. That opens up throwing lanes and makes the reads more defined. The Eagles will throw quickly, often getting the ball to their tight ends and backs.

The Patriots are one of the better teams at taking away tight ends. You have to believe they are not going to let Zach Ertz beat them. How? That’s what I’m most interested in.

Minnesota decided to guard him one-on-one with a safety. That didn’t work. The prior four games to the AFC Championship Game, New England played man coverage an astounding 90 percent of the time. Expect a lot of short crossers and rub routes from Philly.

The Patriots will have their hands full with the different RPOs, window dressing, and making plays in space. They’ll be prepared for Ertz and the running backs. The question is will they be able to take away Trey Burton, Nelson Agholor, and the secondary pieces the Eagles have? The Eagles have won in space all year. New England will need to limit the easy throws. That’ll get the Eagles off schedule, and get them off the field. If they aren’t, Philly will control the ball and the game.

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