By Peter Gleason

Eagles quarterback, unbowed by his miserable performance last Sunday against the Cowboys, is confident the Eagles’ offense can turn things around.

“I’m very confident,” Bradford said Wednesday during a conference call with Jets reporters. “I’ve got no doubt in my mind. I think you look at some of the things that we did during training camp, some of the things that we did during preseason, what some of these guys have done here in the past, and we know that we’re capable of it.

“I’m not sure if it was a matter of us pressing a little bit in the first two games, trying to make plays, and trying to do more than we needed to do. But I think that we are very capable of coming out and doing those little things, because we have done them right before.”

It’s all about those details, Bradford said.

“I think when you miss as many details as we did on Sunday [against the Cowboys], you get a performance like we had on Sunday,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any major changes that need to be made. I don’t think we need to scrap our system. I don’t think that we need to start over. I don’t think it’s anything like that. I think that we just need to get back to the basics, and doing all the small things right, and not taking the small details for granted.”

On Monday night, the Jets’ defense made a better quarterback than Bradford, the Colts’ Andrew Luck, look quite ineffective. The Jets did it with a combination of tight coverage and relentless blitzing. Bradford admires the work Jets coach Todd Bowles has done with his defense.

“That front, with some of the blitz packages they have, they’re able to get a lot of pressure,” he said. “There haven’t been a lot of places for the quarterback to go with the ball. I think one of the more impressive things about this group is you look at their personnel, especially on the back end, and you would expect them to come out and just play man-to-man [coverage].

“But they’re pretty multiple in their looks, especially on third down — changing personnel groupings, changing their front looks, changing their blitz patterns. I think it’s a great scheme. I think it’s complex. It’s not easy for an offense to identify what they’re doing every snap.”

Bradford knows the Jets’ revamped secondary is one of the main reasons their pass rush was able to get to Luck so often.

“They can hold up in coverage, and you don’t have guys breaking free or getting open immediately,” Bradford said. “You’ve got to hold the ball a little longer. And then that rush gets to you.”


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