By Annie Ross

Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins is a man who thinks and can speak with clarity.

Fresh off his first Pro Bowl, Jenkins says the game will never be a real football game, and it would be better to turn it into a full weekend of activities, with skills competitions.

“We’ll never be able to get a real game at the Pro Bowl because the risk-reward is not balanced,” Jenkins said on PFT Live. “The only thing we can do is try to build the experience of the entire week of the Pro Bowl, how to get the fans engaged from a skills perspective and try to make a weekend out of it. The game itself, it’s really hard to replicate a real game.”

Jenkins would like to see one-on-one drills between receivers and defensive backs, and he thinks such drills could be competitive but non-contact, with a low risk of injury.

Jenkins did, however, enjoy the Pro Bowl, even if the game isn’t much of a competition.

“The opportunity to bring my family out to Hawaii and be around my peers,” Jenkins said, “it was an overall great experience.”

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