By Martha Sullivan

Most of civilized society — including NFL players and broadcasters — have severely criticized Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his signing and playing serial domestic abuser Greg Hardy.

But no one is more pissed off than legendary former Eagle safety Brian Dawkins!

“As an owner or as a GM, I will tell you straight forward, he would not be on my team,” Dawkins said of Hardy during a radio interview with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 the Fanatic.

“I don’t want a guy like that on my team. It’s not the fact that he made a mistake, it’s the fact that it took almost over a year, the first time to say that he’s apologized was a couple of days ago.

“The first thing I was taught to do when you make a mistake is to own up to it. You apologize. You’re contrite and you want to learn from that mistake. If you can call this a mistake. That’s not a mistake.”

Hardy, who was signed to a one-year contract by the Dallas Cowboys prior to being suspended for 10 games and serving four after his suspension was appealed, had his case dismissed last February.

Last week Deadspin released gruesome photos from the alleged incident involving Hardy’s ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder back in 2014. Just days prior to the photos being released, Jones called Hardy a leader and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett cited the defensive end as ‘a positive influence’ on his teammates.

Dawkins says he vehemently disagrees with both assertions.

“This wasn’t a mistake,” Dawkins said of Hardy’s off the field conduct. “You have a guy who doesn’t believe that he did anything wrong. That he was the victim. Think about that. He thinks he is the victim.

“They brought him onto that team after not getting any counseling. After him not apologizing and then you put him in a leadership role, that’s disgusting. That’s what it is. It’s disgusting.”

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