By Barbara Harrison

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis has joined the chorus of outrage over the cheap shot Raven Terrell Suggs took on Birds QB Sam Bradford Saturday night (above).

Coach Chip Kelly yesterday took exception to the NFL decision that the Bradford hit should be considered legal because it was not a zone-read play as many believed.

“When you hit a quarterback in the backfield,”Davis said Tuesday morning at the NovaCare Complex. “You’ve got to stay above the waist or below the neck. Whether he has it or not. I have had more penalties called against us hitting the quarterback … When you go below the knees, you’re absolutely going to get called. One hundred percent of the time.

“Whether you say he might be a runner or not. It doesn’t matter. The NFL is going to protect quarterbacks. When we teach it, we teach to tackle the guy with the ball. If it is the quarterback that you think has the ball, you have to tackle him in the framework of how it’s set up. IF he’s back there, it’s gotta be above the waist or below the neck, or you’re going to be flagged. We absolutely teach that.”

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