By Peter Gleason

There is a portion of the lame-ass Philly media that hates Eagles coach Chip Kelly and wants him gone.

That’s why you’ve been reading those pieces from Jeff McLane about Kelly “losing the room” and Bob Ford about how it’s up to “owner Jeff Lurie to right the ship.”

These are the lemmings who endured the last six years of Andy Reid’s reign that included signing Nnamdi Whathisname, drafting a 28-year-old fireman with a first round pick and switching an offensive coach to defensive coordinator!

Without ever calling for his scalp, or running around with their hair on fire.

Kelly has no time for fools in the media like Howard Eskin who clears his throat with references to Albert Einstein to make himself seem erudite.

Or Eliot Shorr-Parks, a typist whose next on the record source will be his first. Remember his “report” that the Eagles were worried that DeSean Jackson was all ganged up, which ran just before the Birds cut D-Jax?

That’s why they want him gone, especially Eskin, who was whispered sweet nothings for 14 years from Reid who knew he would repeat everything verbatim.

So, when the Detroit media got a chance to interview Kelly on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day game with the Lions, what did they ask:

Here’s the full Chip Kelly exchange on today’s conference call w/Detroit media when asked about returning to college


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