By Jenny Masters

The Flyers game with the Canes was postponed last night because of COVID in the Philly ranks.

Which leaves them at 33 points, 17 behind Florida in the Metro.

So, if the season ended today the Flyers would be out of the playoffs.

So, here’s a rumor:

Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show, said he would not be surprised if Claude Giroux is traded by the Flyers:

Giroux has been linked for some time in trade rumours. Most recently, it seems his name is coming up more and more. That is because Giroux is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. It feels like the Flyers’ captain’s time with the team is coming to an end as the organization will be looking to go in another direction.

Giroux has been criticized over the last couple of seasons. Some of the criticism was justified, some of it was not. However, Giroux’s time with the Flyers is coming to an end. How the Flyers get there is another story.

Friedman can see a scenario where the Flyers go to him and say we know you want to go win a Stanley Cup, what team do you want to go to and we will figure out the rest. There will definitely be interest in Giroux considering how he has played over recent weeks. And it makes sense too with the Flyers out of playoff contention, let him go someplace where he has a chance to win. Even if Giroux was going to stay for the season, it is not like the Flyers were going to re-sign him next season.